Dear reader,

The flat story I promised last week will have to wait a bit - 'cause we finally have a follow-up from the Indian journey - a long-expected one: The Jantar Mantar of Jaipur, Maharajah Jai Singh II's astronomic observatory from 1728!!


After a looong break, you'll soon get to read a tale from this side of the world again - Bucharest it is, for the time being. Follow the story of a 1939-flat changing its skin through the stages from rotten dump to a very urban jewel.

I'll first need to rearrange the site a bit, in order to ease your navigation, so - see you soon.

You'll still find the other topics, after rearrangement:
- travel stories from India and Haiti,
- research about decaying monuments 
- and some photography. Enjoy.

One of my favourites: The Bag Story

Expo Haiti-Cherie, an event about the beautiful side of Haiti, 2012


Tales about abandoned historic buildings

in Romanian - and German

Bine ai venit!

Aceasta sectiune cerceteaza case si locuri parasite din lume si te invita sa intri in dezbatere


Dieser Teil untersucht verlassene Häuser und Orte in der Welt und lädt Dich zur Debatte ein

3xBucuresti -Expo in Zürich 2010

3xBukarest- Expo in Zürich 2010