Dorothee Hasnas, architect, cultural manager, editor at Zeppelin magazine, independent consultant for the Creative and Cultural Strategy of Bucharest 2015-2025.
er exhibitions include '3xBucharest' in Zurich, 'Haiti-Cherie' and 'Dialogue for Heritage' in Bucharest, the latter with the aim to raise public awareness for the conservation of the architectural heritage of the capital. For the same purpose, she organizes city tours in German, English, Romanian and French. She lives in a carefully restored flat from 1937 - and would probably also readily restore yours in a classy manner.

Searching*. Travelling. Reading. Taking pictures.

Enthusiasm! Outrage!

Freedom at a high price.

* an interview with Greek TV station about architecture in Bucharest here
*an hour long podcast with her voice in Romanian here 

 contact: dhasnas (at)