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The Journey

'Ain't takin' nothing

that'll slow down my travelling

while I'm untangling my mind...'

Johnny Cash

Music to go with it here

The new home

Dear friends

New stories after quite a long break. I had left Haiti last July. Had this idea in my head that I would return home for good after all these years. Spent a month in Zurich, meeting dear people and visiting all the places that used to belong to my life and sorting out all the stuff that had gathered in twelve years. Packed the remains and put them on a transporter to Bucharest.

Spent wonderful four months there, meeting friends, getting reacquainted with the pulsating life and telling the story about the Haiti experience in a beautiful old house filled with sunny pictures, as the seasons were changing from late summer to deep winter.

Things often take a different turn than one expected them to - so, when Tillu, my Bangalorean friend back from university days called, I packed my things again and followed her call.

India, the world I had always wanted to get to know.

But the journey proved to be a bit more challenging than it seemed at first glance. Getting a visa for six months was the first issue... Mind having ALL your vaccines done TIMELY before you book the trip. Get mosquito repellent, -net and sunblock.

My trip would take me through Istanbul and Dubai. First attempt failed, cause there was a long delay at departure. After checking in and waiting for another long time, the boarding desk sent me back home. Along with my luggage! Another evening with dear friends in Bucharest; as I said before, this city just won't let me go.

Next morning I started on the early flight to Istanbul (the Dubai flight was due in the evening) and spent a few hours there, being shown around by another dear friend I hadn't seen for ages, having a great lunch and walking - very lightly dressed - through an all-white Istanbul. 'The coldest winter in thirty years', they said.

A rare white view of Istanbul

What I thought would be a long and rather lonely trip proved to be more social than expected. On the airport in Istanbul I met a former schoolmate I hadn't seen since school ended.

I had actually met him at Bucharest airport the day before - on the first attempt of departure – we arranged to meet at the Istanbul airport and fly to Dubai together the next day, if possible – cause we were rescheduled to different flights to there. It actually worked!

We had a chat, a coffee and a walk through the Istanbul airport - they have a rather pleasant fresh-air smokers' platform there. And they have a good gift shop! As much as I dislike hunting for souvenirs, I care about good coffee, sweets (lokoum - Turkish Delight) and nice pottery.

Then another long flight – we got split there and I couldn't focus on anything more intellectually challenging at that point anymore, so I numbed my brain watching a cartoon and enjoying the Emirates airlines' advantages. The blanket comes in my favourite colour and texture!

On to the third flight that day, after a fifteen minutes run through the Dubai airport. Watched an Arabic telenovela-sort of movie on the plane, as it was already three a.m. in the morning according to my time - and the day had started at half past five a.m. Something about two greedy brothers and one of their's wife, getting taught a lesson by their generous and somewhat forgiving father, set in Egypt and Lebanon. Very moral, in spite of the very chic clothing and setting.

I got very excited about every remaining last bit of knowledge of Arabic getting activated in my brain - and consequently tried to read the menu in this language without cheating!

First contact to all-vegetarian food on this flight...

Finally arrived in Bangalore, was picked up by Tillu I hadn't seen for at least five years.

Back to tropical climate, mangoes and flip-flops! The rest of the story in the next article.

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Take care you globetrotter you! we care for you back here in Bucharest! Good hunting ;-)

February 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAndrei T

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